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Candidate Dispositions Performance Assessment

Access to the CDPA implementation guide, instruments, and related research.

Download Documents

Implementation Guide

User guide for implementing the rubric and self-assessment survey (includes rubric and survey).

CDPA Rubric

Copy of rubric without full implementation guide.


Copy of self-assessment survey without full implementation guide.


Related Research

Content Validity Study

Afolabi, C., Nweke, W., & Perkins, T. (2018). Validating dispositional indicators for evaluating teacher candidates using Lawshe’s method. GATEways to Teacher Education, 29(1), 32-41.

Reliability Study

Nweke, W., Perkins, T., & Afolabi, C. (2019). Reliability analysis of complementary assessment tools for measuring teacher candidate dispositions. Georgia Educational Researcher, 16(2), 2. DOI: 10.20429/ger.2019.160202


Contact Authors

Comfort Afolabi, PhD

Winifred Nweke, PhD

Tasha Perkins, PhD

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